Group Fitness Classes:  Included in this package; Pilates Mat, Cyced Up!, Cyced Up Core!, TRX Suspension Training, Yoga, Mommy and Me Yoga, Tween Yoga, Total Barre, 45Volt, Kettlebell Circuit & CORE-the class.  Mix and match, or just come to your favorite!  


Drop-in:  $15

8 Session Package: $96 ($12/class)

16 Session Package: $160 ($10/class)

24 Session Package:  $192 ($8/class)

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Group Reformer & Cardio Tramp

Drop-in: $26                                                         

Apprentice Reformer Classes

Drop-in: $18

8 Session Package: $104 ($13/class)

8 Session Package: $192 ($24/class)                                                                                  

16 Session Package: $352 ($22/class)

24 Session Package: $480 ($20/class)

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Duet/Small Group & Private & Personal Training

Private Sessions

Includes mat, the reformer, the cadillac, the stability chair, the arc barrel and the ladder barrel.

Single visit: $55 - 60 min.

5 Session Package: 
$265 ($53/private)

8 Session Package: 
$400 ($50/private)

Single visit:  $50 - 60 min.
                    $30 - 30 min.

5 Session Package: 
$240 ($48/private)

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30 Minute Session:  $30

60 Minute Session:  $55

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Duet Sessions

If you prefer the benefits of a more personalized reformer experience, but not necessarily a private class, duets are perfect for you!  Grab a friend, or meet a new one and get enhanced attention from your trainer. 

Single Visit: $28

8 Session Package:  $208 ($26/class)

16 Session Package: $384 ($24/class)

24 Session Package:  $528 ($22/class)

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Circuit sessions

Open to clients that have had previous sessions working on reformer, cadillac, stability chair & ladder barrel.

Drop-in: $30

8 Session Package: $224 ($28/class)

16 Session Package: $416 ($26/class)

24 Session Package: $576 ($24/class)

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Kangoo Jumps are low-impact, which allow you to run, jump dance & bounce without jarring the body. Get an intense cardio workout in a shorter period of time. Improve your fitness level, and HAVE FUN doing it! Kangoo Dance is an aerobic program taught to music, is safe and is all for ages and fitness levels. Kangoo Dance is driven to the beat of music making it motivating and will also bring back memories of childhood since it generates a trampoline-like feeling of weightlessness!

Drop-in:  $18

8 Session Package:      $120 ($15/class)

16 Session Package:    $208 ($13/class)

24 Session Package:    $264 ($11/class)


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Do you like Pilates equipment classes AND our group classes like Total Barre, Cyced Up!, TRX, 30VOLT, CORE,  Yoga, and Pilates Mat?

Are you serious about cost savings?

Are you aware that accountability and success go hand in hand?

This 12-month auto-deduct payment plan is good for UNLIMITED equipment AND non-equipment classes!  The annual cost is $2,028, which is $169/month. If you take only 3 classes a week, you are just paying $14/class!  The class possibilities are endless to give yourself a well-rounded fitness routine

Unlimited Monthly Pass - $55/Month

Unlimited monthly pass for high school and college students with a valid ID. Good for group classes only. TRX, Yoga, Pilates Mat, 30VOLT, CORE,  and now we have included Total Barre in the Student Pass!  

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* As a courtesy to the studio, please provide a 24-hour notice for any cancellation